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Why we love Metro Retro for our remote retrospectives.

How important are sprint retros really?

The one thing I have learnt over the years is that if you aren’t paying attention to your retros (retrospectives), or doing them properly, you might as well not be doing them at all.

Retros in general come with several challenges, but throw in a global pandemic and full time remote working, and things become even more challenging.

In person vs remote retros – what works?

When we were office based, retros were pretty straightforward. Yes, they still came with some struggles (maintaining energy levels and encouraging the team to dig into the details of potential issues) but at least everyone was in the same room with minimal distractions. Remember that? Just the team, a good old white board, and copious amount of brightly coloured stickies. 

When we went hybrid remote back in 2018, we had to start experimenting with several different online tools to recreate our in-office retro ceremonies. We tested everything from ‘homemade’ solutions with Google Sheets to several online tools, however, when all is said and done, Metro Retro has reigned supreme. 

Why do we love Metro Retro?

In this article, I will be highlighting a few reasons why we love Metro Retro and continue to use it for our remote retrospectives:

What isn’t great about Metro Retro?

As with all tools, Metro Retro isn’t perfect, even though it is pretty damn close.  My only real complaint is that the grouping functionality is useful, but can be a little finicky and tricky to use and not as seamless as one would hope.  

In conclusion, Remote retros are still tricky but Metro Retro takes the admin out of it, allowing you to focus on keeping engagement high and really getting into the weeds about team issues or potential improvements. I highly recommend you giving it a bash!

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