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Old Mutual ‘Should I Buy That?’ Campaign

Client: Old Mutual Finance

Objective: Embracing digital to reach and engage Money Account holders, and drive usage on the account.

Solution Mechanism: interactive and gamified, mobile experience & integrated campaign.

Method: Discovery, UX planning, prototyping, UX design, development.

Results: 53 000+ plays, 12 000 unique users, a marked increase in low-usage user activity on the account, over 5 000 airtime winners, 1 grand-prize winner and a change in how people think about spending and investing.

We wanted to assist Old Mutual Finance in helping their customers think about spending and investing differently…

The Brand

Old Mutual is a highly respected financial institution, getting South Africans to think differently about spending, saving and investing. It operates within the South African insurance, investment and banking space, which is well-known for being a traditional and conservative sector. However, there’s a driven and dedicated division within the brand that is striving for innovation and adopting new technologies. This division needed a campaign which aimed to embrace the full potential of digital. The goal was to highlight how beautiful design and a fun, gamified experience could solve a business problem in an innovative way.

Old Mutual’s Money Account

The Old Mutual Money Account offers South Africans the chance to invest a percentage of their spend in a unit trust savings account every time they SWIPE — helping to address the significant challenges that many South Africans face in terms of saving, investing and becoming financially stable. It has the potential to change lives, but is marketed by a brand that isn’t synonymous with innovative banking products, and therefore faces challenges in adoption and usage.

Once we’d established that we wanted to work together, we could start to look at the challenge and how to address it…

The Challenge

While many people have a Money Account, a large part of the target market had difficulty accessing information and understanding how to use the product. This problem would require an innovative and user-focused campaign that would educate, delight (KANO) and inform, helping South Africans to SWIPE, SAVE and INVEST — no easy feat.

Then it was time to get to know our audience and to think about how we could add value to their lives, in conjunction with this highly respected brand…

Target Audience

Through independent consumer research and data collected over time, we learned that these users were most likely to engage with a mobile campaign, and valued instant rewards, such as airtime and cash prizes. They were open to improving their financial situation, but were not particularly tech-savvy and needed visual, contextual and structural cues to assist them in navigating it.

On many levels, we could relate to our audience which spans the majority of the South African market…

Meet Patrick, Sharon and Nomonde

Then it was time to think of a solution that would specifically speak to our consumer in an interactive and engaging way…

The Solution

Through a series of workshops that included stakeholders from a variety of disciplines (client, creative, development, strategy), we began to collate this information and develop a campaign that would speak to this demographic and improve usage, understanding and brand sentiment.

So the Should I Buy That? campaign was born on MOBILE

The summarised brief: Build a customer engagement tool that is entertaining, useful and intrinsically tied to the product that users can easily interact with.

The campaign: An interactive mobile game, which helps users decide whether or not they should make a purchase, tied in with a supporting marketing campaign, a post-campaign strategy and data analysis throughout.

How it Worked

  1. Users follow an SMS, email or media prompt to register for the Should I Buy That? game on their phones.
  2. They are incentivised with the chance to win airtime and a GRAND PRIZE of double their monthly salary for using their Money Account.
  3. The game takes them through a series of questions with fun animations that don’t use a lot of data (SVGs)
  4. They get a final answer about whether it’s time to make that purchase or move on, however, they are encouraged to use their own discretion and to think about their choices.
  5. Along the way, they engage with fun and interactive elements that make the process fun and start offering more information on how to think about their finances, as well as how to use their money account.
  6. At the end of the game, they are rewarded with affirmation or information on how to improve their financial position. They also potentially win instant rewards in the form of airtime.
  7. Account holders who used their account, stood the chance to double their monthly salary— a good incentive which motivated users to make responsible buying decisions.

Within the first hour of launching the campaign, there were thousands of users interacting with the game and learning how to use their Money Accounts.

So, What’s the Big Deal?

Execution through INNOVATION

We took a risk that paid off using a niche, fullstack development tool. We decided to build the application in Meteor. This is a full-stack technology, considered a niche tool in the South African development space. We are privileged enough to have a number of developers who could upskill to use this tool, as we believed it was a good fit for the task. As a result, we had a user-focused experience across devices, with an emphasis on mobile.

Integrating various forms of media to execute the campaign.

Leaderboards, buttons, real-time rewards, delightful animations, points, a progress bar and a congratulatory results screen.

Did our campaign have a positive impact for both Old Mutual and the consumers it was made for?

The results!

Every KPI was exceeded, including registrations, unique game plays and repeat gameplays.

Over 53 000 plays

Over 12 000 unique users

A marked increase in low-usage activity on the account.

Over 5000 airtime winners

1 GRAND PRIZE Double Your Money WINNER

But most importantly, people started to think about their money differently…

How did our users benefit?

Making a Positive Impact — Meet the GRAND PRIZE WINNER, Morné

Ultimately, the game got low-usage users to use more, and the primary target market to maintain their usage and keep investing!

How did our client benefit?

We learned that using gamified elements, technology and visual cues is a great way to engage an audience and really make a positive impact in behaviour and understanding…


The truth is, the financial sector in South Africa needs an overhaul in general, and we believe that campaigns like this are the first step in creating accessibility, delight and involvement. Through innovation and careful planning, technology can open doors for a number of people who may not have the resources or understanding to invest or actively seek out financial information. We were proud to be part of a movement towards this, and hope to see more projects that promote accessibility in future.

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