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Nona Spring Update

It’s been some time since our last update, but we can assure you that we’ve come down from our birthday high, and gotten back to the task of building on the successes of the last 5 years. Here’s what we’ve been up to…

It’s been some time since our last update, but we can assure you that we’ve come down from our birthday high, and gotten back to the task of building on the successes of the last 5 years. Here’s what we’ve been up to…

We got hitched!

Last year, we made the decision to enter the world of experimental mobile, AR and VR experiences, which led to the birth of Outlandium — a joint venture between Nona Holdings and seasoned developer, Dave O’Reilly. Since then, Outlandium has been involved in some exciting work for clients like Powerhouse and OrderIn, and also dabbled in FinTech online ID verification.

After a few months of working together, Nona and Outlandium have merged into a single business, and Dave is now a director and equal shareholder of Nona Holdings. This was made official on July 1st, and we’re now working towards the goal of becoming leaders in the field of emerging technologies.

London’s Calling…

Trips to London have become a regular part of Nona’s business, and we have notable clients there in the form of SpaceLab, Apolitical, Saatchi Pro, and CrowdCaster. Each time we visit, we’re again convinced that there is an appetite for our services, so, we’ve started the process of setting up a company in the UK. Currently, we’re aiming to have a Nona representative there every 6 weeks, if possible, and our goal within the next 18 months is to have at least 1 permanent Nona team member spending the majority of their time in London. It’s a slow process, but believe we’re on the right track.

Fresh Faces

Nona is growing — which means the team is too, and we’ve been in the fortunate position to recruit some technical, talented and creative new teammates:

Top row, from left to right: Donavan Lawson — DevOps, Kelly Atwood — Design Intern, Ryan Donald — Front-End Developer (an old face that we’ve welcomed back), Ryan Vermooten — Ruby Developer, and Sive Mwanda — React/iOS Developer.

Bottom row, from left to right: Jody Paulse — Receptionist/Studio Assistant, Jacqueline Du Plessis — UX Designer, Ian Cawood — Front-End Developer, Farai Mupasiri — Finance/Accounts, and Erez Greenberg — Senior Developer.

Our New & Improved Headquarters

With so many new faces, and our ever-evolving needs, we were quickly outgrowing our office and needed a new place to call home. After a few false starts, we finally moved into new headquarters in May, just a few steps away from our old space at the Old Castle Brewery. It’s taken some time, lots of arranging and rearranging, and a sudden obsession with pot plants, but we’re finally settled.

Our Growing Portfolio

We’ve added some exciting new organisations to our portfolio over the past 6 months, and are looking forward to bringing their ideas to life. Most notably, we’re working with:

Nona has also ramped up on our involvement with cryptocurrency and blockchain technology and strongly believe in their massive potential to change the nature of transactions, so much so that we now offer consulting services in this area. We’re very excited about landing our first clients; Coinsource and Imagina.

The next few months will see us launching some of the projects we’ve been busying ourselves with. Look out for:

  • Rekindle Learning’s English Word Power: An English proficiency training & learning application with Rapaleng Rabana.
  • TrippMatch: A new application that will match travellers with their ideal destinations and experiences with Tripp West (US).
  • OrderIn: iOS, Android, and fleet management applications for a proudly local food delivery service created by Dinesh Patel.

Delving into Discoveries, UX & Innovation

One of the most rapidly growing aspects of our business is our UX planning and discovery process — which informs architecture, design and the rollout of developing any site or application. It’s a crucial step in helping our clients set their offerings apart and ensuring that we mitigate risk and make informed decisions about what we are planning to achieve with any build. As a result, we’ve seen:

  • An increase in the ability to make user-focused decisions
  • Better interfaces
  • Detailed prototypes
  • Fewer reverts and a greater level of understanding between designers, developers and clients.
  • More accurate timeline estimations

Nona on Local & International Platforms

Part of our vision for Nona includes establishing ourselves as a globally recognised voice on what we do, and how we do it, and we’re very excited with the strides that we’ve made so far.

Earlier this year, Mike Scott, our CEO, spoke about Nona’s company culture at Grindstone and gave a presentation at the Entrepreneurs’ Organisation in London, where he was recently invited back for a discussion on blockchains and cryptocurrency. Mike has also been mentoring innovative and promising startups as part of the 2017 Barclays Accelerator, powered by Techstars, and our co-founder, Ed O’Reilly, had the opportunity to lead a masterclass on digital marketing and SEO for Techstars.

We’ve also been slowly increasing our content offering on Medium, putting the spotlight on Women in Tech on the continent, and in the Nona family, as well as sharing some of the lessons we’ve learnt since starting out on this wild and incredibly fulfilling journey.

Defining Our Way of Life

Lastly, we’ve put a lot of hard work into refining the ideals that will guide everything we do, and we’re happy to share them with you:

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