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Nona joins the ranks of the top 7% at

We are thrilled to announce that Nona successfully verified as a team. This means that we have been welcomed into an elite community of the top 7% of software engineering providers globally. As part of this we will provide unparalleled transparency about our organisation through our profile for all current and future clients.

Why we chose to join

At Nona we’ve always believed in radical transparency, both internally with our team and throughout the process of working with our chosen clients. We identified strongly with’s values and the level of detail they provide prospective clients about our company.

If you’d like to take a look for yourself, hop on over to our verified profile

The verification process kicked off with us collecting, reviewing and providing info on almost every area of our business in great detail. It covered everything from strategy to culture, technology, recruitment & HR, project metrics and more. 

We progressed by surveying every single one of our team members using a provided questionnaire, touching on many important aspects of what working at Nona is like, so as to assess the team dynamic and measure how healthy and happy our team was. Naturally the scores were excellent 😉 

To confirm that the experience for clients of Nona matched that of our team, we surveyed 7 of our clients who also contributed their opinions and insights about what it’s like to work with us. We finished off by noting down all of the core processes that make up the Nona way.

Completing such a rigorous verification process took a long time and required not only every leader but every individual at Nona to contribute.. We measured things we’d never measured before and uncovered some areas in which we need to pay more attention. Overall we’re glad we went through the process in such detail and look forward to being part of this elite network.

Nona Digital developers coding and smirking at one another - for post.
Three of Nona’s developers coding and smirking at one another

What we thought about and learnt through the experience

We were super happy with our team score of (8.8/10) including a whopping 9.4 for Culture, but we already expected that we’d do well here. We work incredibly hard in this area and have done so since we opened in 2012. 

We have an engineering, product and design centred culture that promotes autonomy, mastery and purpose with ‘be generous with your knowledge’ and  ‘continual improvement as a way of life’ as one of our core values. 

On top of that we survey our team every sprint on their overall and specific project satisfaction so that we can ensure we’re constantly creating the best environment possible and that we manage to address issues quickly.

On the client side we also went in feeling fairly confident given that we operate very transparently with our clients and regularly request their feedback on our performance and their satisfaction with our output and delivery. 

Every design or development sprint we ask our clients to rate us out of 10 on these three questions: 

  1. Are you happy with the quality of Nona’s work over the past sprint? 
  2. Are you happy with our velocity, the amount of work we managed to get through?
  3. How well did we communicate during the last sprint?

After that we provide a section for detailed open feedback.

That said, it was still nice to see a score of (9.2/10) for our UX as this is an area we’re particularly focusing in and not an area we’ve surveyed with that specific question in mind.

The major areas of discovery for us were in automated metric collection and we ended up developing some custom software tools to scrape our github repos and pull interesting statistics on our teams.

As well as the fact that we could really document our processes more clearly – we’ve come a long way here since completing the verification process already!

Nona Digital team racing go karts - for post.
Team Nona screaming round a corner on go-karts during a recent quarterly team building

Where to from here

We’re excited to see where the journey takes us. To learn whether providing more detailed information to prospective clients who we haven’t even met with yet moves the needle in our favour. To learn from and hopefully even collaborate with the other companies on the platform.

Outside of specifically, we’ll do as we’ve always done and strive to improve ourselves, our business, and our clients’ businesses in every way possible. We’ll continue to learn, grow and develop continually experimenting with new and hopefully better ways of doing things until we achieve our vision of being so good at what we do that we set the standard for the industry as a whole.

On that we still have a way to go, but hey, the joy is in both the journey and the destination after all!

Nona Digital team saying cheers from a mf boat! - for post.

If you’d like to get to meet this wonderful team or hear more about Pangea and our experience with verification them book a consultation with us and let’s see how we can work together.

Ed O'Reilly

Co-Founder and COO at Nona.