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Our client is an organisation that offers outsourced e-management services in the igaming industry, which has experienced phenomenal growth, since its inception in 2004.

A Nona Creative Case Study

Our client is an organisation that offers outsourced e-management services in the igaming industry, which has experienced phenomenal growth, since its inception in 2004. Other core competencies include translation services, as well as sales and marketing support. As a result, it’s become a major service provider to the global gaming market, able to provide support in as many as 11 different languages.


Over the past 8 years, the client has experienced fast-paced growth and the external provider (which handled their development and design requirements) didn’t grow with the organization. In light of this, a number of systems, processes, and communications were temporarily at-risk. This could have potentially caused a number of problems, which the client wanted to address immediately, in order to ensure the long-term success of their business and clients.

They would need to take steps to ensure that stakeholder revenue would never be at risk and to ensure that documentation, communication flow, and planning remained key priorities. Other considerations included ensuring that specialist knowledge was always on-hand and that recruitment, technical processes, and best practices, within this highly technical industry, were always adhered to. Lastly, communication flow and continuing to strive for operational success was a key focus.


Client approached us to potentially take on the task of providing technical and design support, in light of the challenges they were facing with their current provider. We opted not to pursue that role on ethical grounds. While we, at Nona Creative, were more than capable of providing a team solely dedicated to the tasks set out above, we were concerned about our client outsourcing their core competencies. After some discussion, both organisations opted to have Nona come in as a partner, on a consultancy level. In doing so, we served as a support structure to grow their technical, development, UX and design teams, as well as their documentation flow, processes, culture, and infrastructure — facilitating internal growth.

In order for the client to maintain their growth and renowned business standing, we facilitated the process of finding them a team that could assist them with key elements in general transformation.

Key elements in general transformation facilitated by Nona:

Diagnosing and analysing the technical concerns, challenging the current status quo — in order to discover new perspectives on the problems that faced our client.

Assisting in strategic and tactical thinking and brainstorming to develop solutions, driving for consensus on, and safeguarding the commitment to, the decisions taken.

Assisting in providing ideas around the implementation of the short-term strategies and processes to service the current organisational needs.

Proposing and refining measures of success for new strategies.

Providing a sounding board and support structure to the current management team and the leaders of the new technical team.

Facilitating and motivating continual learning and development for both existing and future organisational leaders.

Key elements in recruitment transformation:

Emphasizing greater recruitment management.

Refining job specifications.

Interviews — vetting and recommendations.

Creating a specialist recruitment campaign: “Do You Even Dev?” to source highly skilled technical applicants, in an engaging but

efficient way.

This campaign was well-received, generating leads from around

the globe.

Facilitating team layout and structure.

Making better use of available technologies.

Key elements in technological transformation:

Assisting with the recruitment of the right talent.

Encouraging the improvement and use of technology, and stack selecting (operating systems and supporting technology).

Assisting with ideas for the expansion of infrastructure, to meet the growing need for information-sharing.

Management, guidance, and support for the designated IT provider.

Examining issues such as the budgeting cost per seat.

Documenting all of the above.

Key elements in culture transformation:

Implementing a physical office space redesign to improve the interior, feel and working environment for greater productivity.

Encouraging and facilitating social, team-building events.

Encouraging and facilitating greater mentorship.

Setting structures in place for increased knowledge-sharing and information trickle.


Why Nona was the perfect consultancy fit

The team at Nona Creative has garnered considerable knowledge in building technical teams and offering consultation on installing and utilizing products and refining them.

We’ve also:

Developed a thorough understanding of how various sub-industries, within the digital sphere, react to talent — and vice versa.

Developed our technical and design knowledge, to span a vast array of stacks and methodologies.

Gained an understanding of nurturing culture collaboration and having transparent processes.

From the initial contact until the final sign-off, a large and vital part of the value transferred to the client, was the sharing of this knowledge and experience — in line with their own vision to offer turnkey solutions.


Culture and Transformation

A social culture has been established and team members actively choose to spend time together and grow as a team.

Job satisfaction and pride is an emphasised focus — which will no doubt, result in greater loyalty and job satisfaction down the line.

Recruitment & Office Environment

The core team, with a combined experience of 25 years in the industry, was built within 2 months. It is currently thriving.

At the 6-month point, after the first phase, a significant number of hires had been through network recruitment. Nona vetted a phenomenal number of candidates, shortlisting only the ones who were genuinely qualified to meet our client’s requirements.

Office space was secured, fitted, decorated, and ready to use within the first month.

A sustainable model with a long-term view

Technical concerns are continuously diagnosed and addressed, strategic and tactical thinking is implemented on each major task and short-term strategies and processes continue to improve the client’s day-to-day operations. Continual learning and development also remains a focus, ensuring constant growth with contingencies set in place, in preparation for future growth. This falls neatly in line with the organization’s commitment to a sustainable model and the long-term relationships they build with their clients.

Taking on the task of rebuilding a development team from scratch, within 6 months, is a daunting one, but it was a necessity to ensure the long-term scalability of our model. Nona’s support has been invaluable to us and potentially more so to the core management team, who have had the luxury of a very competent sounding board during this pressured process. Using Non’s technical expertise, has allowed us to navigate our way along the road towards having a full development function to support the rest of our team. If you are considering brining this core function into you business, I would highly recommend using Nona Creative to support you in reaching your goals.

General Manager of the organisation

In order for our client’s current recruitment campaign to be strategically successful, the organisation has chosen not to be named in this case study. However, if you would like more information on any of the above, please feel free to contact us.

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