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Augmentors and NONA partner on AR Blockchain game

Augmentors, the gaming company funded by Newtown Partners, has partnered with NONA on its eagerly awaited augmented reality (AR) and blockchain gaming project.

NONA, a South African-based blockchain development company, will support the project on the blockchain development front of Augmentors, the game.

Augmentors co-founders Michael Deon and Kyle Haffenden, together with CEO Gert Kruger, have created a multiplayer mobile game that utilises the power of augmented reality and blockchain technology to offer character ownership on a public ledger.

The technology draws on elements of fantasy and gaming to enrapture gamers, who make up the $116 billion mobile-gaming market.

NONA is led by South African entrepreneurs Mike Scott, Ed O’Reilly, Dave O’Reilly and Gordon Angus, a group of early blockchain adopters pioneering the planning, use and implementation of this powerful technology. After numerous successful projects abroad, NONA is fast becoming the preferred company for interrogating blockchain concepts and building DApps and smart contracts for entrepreneurs and enterprises.

Having recently entered into a working partnership with Civic, a blockchain identity verification leader, NONA has positioned itself as a leader in this field, and continues to seek out and help implement ambitious projects in the blockchain space.

We’re excited to work with the Augmentors team and contribute to what we believe is a powerful use case for blockchain technology, and is backed by solid investment partners and planning.”

Mike Scott, Nona CEO

We’re really looking forward to collaborating with NONA. They are at the forefront of blockchain development, and working with them makes the most sense for Augmentors. We’re excited to bring the world this epic game that, with the help of NONA, enables true user ownership of in-game assets.”

Gert Kruger, Augmentors CEO

The future shines bright

With the game set for release, the Augmentors project already has financial backing from Newtown Partners (Vinny Lingham and Llew Claasen), Gil Oved and has sold $1 million in DTB tokens.. It was also featured as the first bitcoin-backed startup in Shark Tank SA.

The role of blockchain technology in this project

It makes sense to use blockchain technology, as the Augmentors creators want to offer gamers ownership of their characters and a public ledger is the perfect mechanism to support this.”

Technical lead at Nona

Augmentors is built on the blockchain, which enables gamers to collect an army of powerful and rare creatures they then outrightly own. This means that once the asset has been trained through battles, gamers can sell these creatures as they please.”

Michael Deon, Augmentors Co-founder and Creative Director

Augmentors is set to launch later in 2018, with the planned soft-launch happening at Comic Con Africa in September.

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