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Event Tickets and Entry Management — done right.

Who was this for?

Quicket is an event marketing and management platform that allows users to publicise and manage their events. It includes everything from creating events, promoting them, selling tickets online and managing entry at the door with builtin barcode scanning functionality.

It has quickly become the standard application used by businesses and organizers in Africa, offering world-class ticketing, with an array of additional features that enable users to run recurring events, create seating plans and issue complimentary tickets.

The application can be used for free with a percentage payment only collected from ticket sales, lowering the risk for event organizers.

Quicket has centralised and digitised the event management process, and offers a genuinely helpful and cost-effective tool to event planners.

The Brief/Challenge

The overarching aim of the project was to rebuild the Quicket Go application, using React Native, to improve overall performance and allow it to be used on both Android and iOS device without running out of memory at large ticket allocations.

Some of the highlights

Device-camera based ticket scanning: The mobile application needed to allow companies to check in pre-purchased tickets at events using their mobile phone’s camera as a scanner OR using an external scanning device that plugs into the mobile phone.

The app also allowed you to manually check in tickets with a simple swipe left/right method but only on Android devices.

Offline access and data persistence: The challenge lay in allowing the app to function even when it was offline, in the event of no internet connectivity which is common at large outdoor festivals.

It also needed to work well low-end devices so that Quicket can cater for a larger audience with respect to accessibility.

Some other important functionality included:

  • Quicket API authentication
  • Firebase integration for data synchronisation
  • Event statistics reporting
  • Ticket sales with cash, card or SnapScan.
  • Quick search on a variety of fields

So what did we do?

Technology: We decided to use React Native in combination with Firebase, a real-time database, which allowed for multiple devices to be used to scan in tickets at an event while keeping everything in sync.

“React Native allowed us to write one codebase that worked across both platforms, solve the client’s main problems and because it runs native components – has access to the native functionality.
We’ve realised that for a small utility app like this, React Native is a great choice for rapid and affordable development”. — James Gareth Smith, Senior Developer

Offline accessibility: To cater to the need for an offline mode, we created a copy of the live database, which gets stored on the users’ mobile devices upon login, so that they are able to scan and check-in tickets without having to have access to the internet.

Once the device goes online again it will synchronise all the checked-in tickets from the mobile app to Firebase, where the information gets handled.

How did it all work out?

Just great! Happy client, happy users, happy team!

It took quite a bit longer than we’d originally hoped to complete but we delivered a highly functional, performant and scalable mobile application, with many additional features, that works on a wide array of devices.

The first test was a “trial by fire” at a major festival in South Africa in 2018. The application seamlessly checked in tens of thousands of tickets with few incidents.

What happens now?

We’re hard at work on the tail end of phase 2 — which is going live in the next week or two! We’ve added additional features, hardened against some issues experienced in the first iteration and are scoping a phase three of the application for early 2019.

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