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Nona & Civic – Building a GroundBreaking Blockchain Identity and Payments Mobile App

Before blockchain technology allowed users to take control of their identity, and verify personal information selectively, you had to rely on a variety of trusted institutions and intermediaries.

You have an ID document, a passport, a driver’s license and a whole bunch of social media profiles that can all be used to verify you in different ways. What’s more, your personal information is everywhere. 

Here’s Civic’s CEO Vinny Lingham explaining Civic’s mission to use the blockchain to digitize identity:

Civic is a team spanning five countries with one common goal: to revolutionize identity. Nona is proud to be an integral part of the development team at Civic, and together, we’re striving to make identity convenient, safe and secure.

The beginning of the groundbreaking NONA|Civic partnership…

Civic approached Nona because they needed an experienced React Native development team for ongoing partnership, to build the core of their blockchain-based identity management and payment technology.

What was Civic’s expectation?

  1. High-quality development, delivered at extreme speed
  2. Research and design of system architecture, app features and functionality
  3. UX/UI design and prototyping
  4. Demonstrable working tech for prestigious festivals like SXSW, in order to generate interest from investors and partners

The NONA Solution

NONA leveraged all the experience in our business and assembled a dedicated team to design and develop Android and iOS mobile apps in React Native, surpassing Civic’s expectations against highly-pressured deadlines.

And then what happened?

Civic was able to successfully demonstrate cutting-edge technology to the broader tech community in Texas, Las Vegas and Switzerland. This lead to multiple vending partners signing up to partner with Civic.

The Tech

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