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Nona and PicUp Announce a Strategic Partnership for Growth

The opportunity to rapidly scale up is the key factor that will set Picup apart, as it swiftly takes the lead in the last-mile logistics race in SA — and we, at Nona, are proud to be a part of this growth.

Nona is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Picup — a last-mile logistics software company that has already begun to establish itself in the South African market. While there are a handful of competitors, Picup has proven that it has a superior and scalable business model, incorporating aspects of Uber (for drivers) and an intuitive interface for enterprise, SMEs and consumer users. This means meeting a variety of needs with a highly targeted service offering, staying true to its vision of making delivery “simple, efficient and cost effective by leading innovation in technology and the crowd-sourced driver model”.

While the core Picup team has been established over the course of 2 years, additional support in development and UX was an integral part of ensuring the quality and value of Picup’s service, making it extremely important to have the right people on board who could work with the existing team. “The challenge lay in building a team that was focused around solving the right problems and having the expertise and capacity”, says Co-Founder and CEO, Antonio Bruni, who further elaborates on the aim of the partnership: “We want to move quicker and get to market quicker and we can do that more effectively through our partnership with Nona”.

Antonio Bruni (Picup) and Mike Scott (Nona)

We’re already seeing early successes…

While the partnership between us is still in its initial stages, we’re already seeing successes in terms of team collaboration and creating UX and development solutions within a shared, agile environment.

The support can only benefit Picup, as it’s poised to cater to the entire logistics market. Its enterprise solution manages deliveries from a warehouse level, all the way to the doorstep, offering a truly self-managed product. “We want the customer to be in control of their delivery and make it easier for them to use technology with mechanisms, such as address verification through to geocoding tools and “live tracking” of the driver and delivery progress. We now have the ability to troubleshoot problems upfront, far more quickly, thanks to the partnership and collaboration of resources” says Bruni.

Nona Co-Founder and CEO, Mike Scott, was also quick to shed light into the thinking behind the decision from our side. “Picup is really exciting for us as they have developed a highly scalable and disruptive business in an industry that is not only massive but also ripe for disruption. Antonio and his team are a great fit for us culturally. Together, we will be able to accelerate and improve the scalability and progression on the technical front and, ultimately, improve Picup’s value, significantly. ”

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