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Leader Lessons from Dominic Pym

In episode 15 of the How to Be Moderately Successful podcast, our CEO Mike Scott and 

Dominic Pym – entrepreneur, technologist and investor – got together to discuss how Dom manages to do it all.

Business lessons from Dominic Pym

Creating loyalty in your team

Dom shares a couple of incredible stories about his team. He tells Mike about Tommy, who was recruited straight out of university and has stuck with Dom through various businesses over 20 years. There’s Jack, who left after working with Dom for 6 years, and returned 7 years later.

Tommy and Jack aren’t the only ones though – there are multiple stories of employees who have stuck around since the beginning, and those that do leave eventually come back. How does Dom do it?

“To be fair, there’s a bit of magic. There’s a bit of luck and all those sorts of things, but it’s actually doing something with purpose, doing something that actually matters, that makes a difference.” By the sounds of it, Dom hires people who are skilled, as well as passionate about changing the lives of others for the better. 

Dom’s current focus, Up, looks after their employees. “We have a gym at the office, we have a masseuse, we do meals for the staff, and all that stuff. We do that because we love the staff – it’s like an extended family. We do that because we care, we don’t do that to be cool.”

While it’s obvious that not all businesses can afford to provide in-house masseuses and gyms, there’s definitely something to be said about looking after your team beyond the usual benefits, like a team lunch or some free time off. People who feel appreciated and looked after in their work environment tend to stay, even if they could get a higher salary elsewhere. Look after your team and they’ll look after your business like it’s their own.

Looking after yourself

Dom is one of those rare individuals who is capable across design, development, and business. This is an amazing advantage to have, but can also create a bottleneck if you’re not careful – everyone wants you to weigh in, and you end up spreading yourself quite thin.

“The best way that I’ve found in my career to deal with that is obviously surrounding yourself with people that are better than you. We have the most amazing design team. We have the most amazing engineers,” explains Dom. “Traits that we look for in our team, are multi-skilled, multi-faceted people. We have very, very high redundancy across the team so that we can say, ‘okay, well, if Mike is not available, it doesn’t matter because Ben can pick it up.’ If Ben’s not available it doesn’t matter because Ivan can pick it up.”

Having a multi-talented team removes that key-man dependency

How to stay energised 

Dom’s energy is palpable and seemingly endless, which he attributes to his competitive, curious nature. “I look at my parents’ failures and that drives me to succeed. I want to do better than what they were able to do because of their circumstances.”

He also has an incredible support system made up of his business partner and his wife, who he describes as his absolute rock. “My life experience and my business partner and my wife and all of my employees who support and encourage me, I think, gives me that passion and that drive just to keep going.”

As a business leader, your leadership takes on so many different roles besides the actual business side of things. You have to learn to lead people as well as yourself, and we think Dom is an excellent example of that ability.

Don’t stretch yourself too thin by trying to manage it all yourself – book a consultation with us and let’s see how we can work together.

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