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English Word Power by Rekindle Learning

A Nona Build

Working with Nona has been a breath of fresh air. They have taken the often opaque and unpredictable process of a new product and have designed the processes and systems to unpack the journey, break it up into manageable chunks and reach the best outcome”.

Rapelang Rabana, Founder & CEO, Rekindle Learning

Rekindle Learning is an award-winning digital learning platform, launched in 2013 by South African technology entrepreneur, Rapelang Rabana. By taking advantage of the reach and possibilities created by computer and mobile internet devices, Rekindle Learning aims to make cost-effective education, training, and personal development tools easily accessible.

The Brief

Nona was approached to rebuild Rekindle Learning’s English Word Power site — an English proficiency tool to help high school learners, university students, and young graduates develop the linguistic skills required in academic and professional environments.

Through a series of Discovery Workshops and discussions, the following objectives were established:

  • Create an interactive and easy-to-use platform, that successfully meets the needs of learners, educators, and course content producers.
  • Ensure a well-structured learning path, with engaging questions that promote critical thinking and provide quick feedback.
  • Allow for progress tracking over time, and capturing data to formulate reports for administrators and tutors.
  • Help satisfy users, at a profit, while contributing to education in South Africa.
  • Create opportunities for users to discover various career options.

The Result

We built an educational web application that improves reading, writing and listening through lessons on grammar and language, and exercises in vocabulary and critical thinking — in line with the Common European Framework of Reference level C1.

Learning is facilitated by interactive questions, a comprehensive glossary, and multimedia content aimed at catering to a wide variety of learning styles.

The design prioritises intuitive navigation and quick feedback, providing learners, educators, and administrators with interactive dashboards and profiles, as well as real-time monitoring and progress indicators.

And the application still grows from strength to strength…

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