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Creating a Maze for the Pac-man game in Figma using masks

I have just recently started looking into Figma as an alternative for sprite / asset creation for 2D games.

Figma forces you to dive relatively deep into vector creation from the start so I thought I’d share some of my findings while actually trying to build assets for the Pac-Man game.

The Maze

One of the first things that tripped me up was trying to create the rounded corners on the maze.

My solution:

I figured the best way to solve this is by using masks.

For the walls of the maze I created a Rectangle (300 x 300), set the fill to 0% and added an inside stroke with a width of 10. I labelled this the “Maze Rectangle”.

I then set the corner radius of the rectangle to 30.

The result looked something like this:

I then added a smaller rectangle with no customised properties and converted it to a mask. I labelled this “Maze Slice”

I then moved the Maze Rectangle into the Maze Slice mask and positioned the Maze Slice to the top left corner of the Maze Rectangle.

A single wall with the mask covering one of the corners

By duplicating the mask group (Maze Wall) and moving the maze slice around I was able to recreate the various parts of the maze.

Two walls the bisect at diagonal corners
Two walls that mirror each other with a solid bottom third wall
A single wall with the mask covering the top half of the rectangle

You can obviously also scale or rotate the pieces as needed.

I then downloaded a copy of the pac-man maze as a reference and added the rest of the pieces by tracing them on top. I also made the background of the scene black and the walls white.

For the centre area I repeated the process without the rounded corners.

What you may also want to do is group the various pieces together and add effects to them such as a glow or shadow.

I would be interested to see if anyone has any comments on alternative ways of creating the Maze.

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Richard Miles

Fullstack Developer - Nona