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Book review #9 for 2019. Can’t hurt me. By David Goggins

I starting reading this book at a time when we were going through a major setback, or rather a crisis at NONA. To say that this book helped me change my perspective of adversity, ‘unfairness’ and anything difficult really would be a massive understatement. This was one of those things that felt like it was given to me at the optimal time.

Goggins had one hell of a tough childhood, one that makes me deeply appreciate my own and yet his approach to what most of us would likely be destroyed by is nothing short of super human. This guy is worth reading about, he has earned an audience more than most.

What struck me deeply about this book is that even though Goggins explicitly repeats his goal of becoming the “hardest man that has ever lived” and that most of what he talks about is in the context of extreme physical endurance, often in the military context, he goes about his incredible accomplishments with an openness, self awareness and vulnerability that I just didn’t expect from the military stereotype I incorrectly assumed he would be. This self awareness and clarity of focus is what really got me and has motivated me to be better, more than I think any book I have ever read.

My take aways from this must read book are vast but I will try and summarise.

We require friction and difficult situations provide that friction. Challenges, set backs, perceived unfairness etc are all simply opportunities to improve and to become ‘uncommon’ amongst the ‘common’.

When something is easy, the only value we derive is the fact that it is easy and nothing that is really worthwhile is ever easy.

Goggins has spurred me into action and into viewing adversity and setbacks as nothing more than opportunities to be better and I am a better, stronger person for it.

If mental toughness without the macho bravado, being the absolute best version of yourself and uncovering potential that you did not know was there are things that appeal to you then I would recommend you stop what you are doing and start reading this book.

By the way…I did 100 push-ups while writing this review.

I hope this was of at least a little value and I’ll be back soon with my next review.

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Mike Scott

Co-founder and CEO - Nona