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Book review #3 for 2019: The Happiness of Pursuit

Author: Chris Guillebeau

I think that the easiest way to explain the depth of content in this book is by explaining that I listened to the whole thing in 3 days at 2x speed on Audible and still didn’t feel like I missed anything.

It’s an entertaining read but felt more like the author wanted to share his personal story about his quest to visit every country in world rather than to share insights about finding meaning and value in the journey and not the destination.

The book’s message however of finding value in life through quests is valuable and the stories and examples used are interesting but personally I found it lacking substance.

I must add here though that the author may well have simply wanted to share exactly as he did and that my expectations were too high.

I guess I would recommend this for some lighthearted, feel good reading if that’s your thing.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back soon for my next review.

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Mike Scott

Co-founder and CEO - Nona