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Book Review #16 for 2019: Everything is F*cked by Mark Manson

I recently read and reviewed Mansons’ previous book, The Subtle Art of Not giving a f*ck and I found it to be surprisingly brilliant and something that I think most people would benefit from. So, naturally I continued to follow the hype and got stuck into his next book, and this is my take on it.

This book is like drinking from a fire hose. Manson explores some massive topics like religion, hedonism, philosophy, nihilism, AI, global warming and sport psychology to name a few. He shares some very thought provoking insights and perspectives but I have to admit that I found it quite difficult to keep up and I felt like I was listening to his inner ramblings on a range of really deep and wide topics.

While I found his first book to be valuable mainly because he had taken deeply meaningful teachings and delivered them in the modern and easy to digest vernacular, I found this book to be quite different and my experience was that it didn’t flow nearly as well.

Very sensitive topics are explored with courage and honesty and I really valued that. As a result I found myself sitting deep in concerned thought around one or many of the messages delivered.

If I am really honest, the book left me with a very dark and concerned feeling about the world, humanity and where it’s all headed. I’m not sure if this was the intention but, while it’s not a nice feeling, it is a feeling that will likely effect change in many people, me included and that is a good and powerful thing.

I didn’t ‘enjoy’ this book but it is one of those pieces of content that I think everyone should read and for that reason I highly recommend it.

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Mike Scott

Co-founder and CEO - Nona