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Book review #1 for 2019: Play Bigger

I’m going to do a really short review of each book that I read this year. I hope it’s useful in even the smallest way.

Play Bigger. By Al RamadanDave PetersonChristopher Lockhead and Kevin Maney.

This is a very topical book for me right now as we are working hard on really clarifying our marketing strategy and plan and this book speaks to this in really inspirational ways.

The authors have got a strong track record and bring with them the believability that I always look for before putting into practise anything that I read or learn.

My key take homes of this book are the following:

  1. To really make a success we must look to design, create and dominate new categories in business — we must strive to become ‘category kings’. This category design process is really tough and requires some exhausting brain work but can make all the difference in dominating your category (or market).
  2. Think different not just better in order to become a category king.
  3. When existing in new categories and innovative spaces we need to evangelise our space as it’s sometimes too early for most to accept, understand and embrace — this can be tough, lonely and challenging but it’s what needs to be done.

I thoroughly enjoyed the pace, tone and content and recommend this book, mainly for any startup product businesses.

I’ll be back soon to do my next review.

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Mike Scott

Co-founder and CEO - Nona